My services: How I can help you

Small Group Coaching
Guided discussions around the principles of the Sacred Appetite approach, adapted to the personal situations of each group member. This plan gives you interaction and the possibility for  accountability and support from others with similar situations. You will be guided in developing your own achievable goals and find encouragement and support to meet those goals. 

For groups of two to five participants. 
Six weekly sessions of two hours each.
$400 per group

Individual Coaching
This plan is more intense, focused on your own situation and how you can improve it. 
$35 an hour. 

Home “Super Supper Nanny” Consultation
This service quickly uncovers what’s really going on at your table, pinpointing problems you are unaware of or don’t know how to resolve.  I join your family for dinner, where I observe your interactions with your family relating to food and meal time. Afterwards, we meet to discuss my observations and recommendations. 
Includes up to two hours in-home visit plus a 90-minute follow-up coaching session. 
 Prices are for the San Antonio area. Time, travel and lodging expenses added for other locations.
 If you’re interested in any of these options, CONTACT ME 
at: anna at annamigeon dot com
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